And here we are, a week into October. Where did the summer go? Where did the year go?

Did you hear the whoosh?

Whoosh is a fun sound. It’s also an onomatopoeia – a word that sounds like what it’s intended to mean.

These words can often help us communicate an idea with clarity. (Isn’t that really the intent of communication, after all?) You really can’t misinterpret a word like zap or screech!

They are usually action words, since they’re conveying the sound that something makes.

Can’t you just hear the buzzing bee? Or the books falling on the floor with a thump?

So, the next time you want to share information about, for example, a snake you encountered that made a loud threatening sound, explain that it hissed and the point will not be missed. When you dropped your phone in a sink full water, describe how your heart sunk when the phone splashed down and you knew it was all over.

You don’t necessarily need to know how to say or spell onomatopoeia. If you throw one in every once in a while, though, poof, your communication will be just that much clearer.

So, tick tock goes the clock. Soon we’ll be looking forward to sitting in front of a crackling fire as the rest of the year whizzes by.

Talk to you again soon! Whoop, whoop!

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