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Philosophy of Learning

Training should be anticipated with excitement, not avoided out of dread or seen as just another checkbox on a professional development plan.

WordsWorking brings a new level of enthusiasm and exuberance to the workplace learning process. Our workshops are all guaranteed to be:

  • Enjoyable: Participants will have fun, not with silly games but with activities that are designed just for them. They will look forward to the next session and maybe even to completing the homework assignments!
  • Relevant: There are no canned programs here. Everything is developed for the participants’ specific work situations. As we create the course outline, we ensure that the topics included are relevant and meaningful for the organization as a whole as well as for the individual team members.
  • Interactive: No lectures here, either! Learning happens with participation. We involve all participants in activities and discussions that maintain their interest, their excitement, and their eagerness to learn more. When our workshop participants share their own stories, ask and answer questions, and interact with the group throughout the sessions, their learning level increases tremendously.
  • Practical: Training is worthless if the material learned in the workshop cannot be immediately put to use in the workplace or if the training material is put on a shelf and forgotten. We work diligently to ensure that all participants have the appropriate training and tools to communicate more effectively the second they return to the workplace and that they will have what they need to be able to continue to use their new skills well into the future.
  • Evaluated and followed up: Our participants always have the opportunity to provide confidential evaluations of their workshops. This information helps us to continue to provide the highest quality training. We will also check in at regular intervals after the training is completed, to answer any further questions and to make sure your words are still working for you!