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Presentation Tips and Traps

The fear of public speaking can traumatize anyone in business who needs to make a presentation to a client, investor, or even an internal team. Just when the need for poise and polish is the greatest, the potential for mishap and ineptitude is also at its peak.

This workshop will help participants work on two of the biggest reasons presentations fail: lack of public speaking skills and poorly designed presentations.

Public speaking tips

  • Make eye contact with everyone in the room
  • Energize yourself with power poses
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare
  • Catch their attention with a strong opening
  • Leave them with a strong closing

We will also discuss how much your audience will remember and why your audience wants you to succeed as much as you do.

Presentation traps

  • Don’t cram too much information on one slide
  • Do make sure the people in the back of the room can read it
  • Don’t read from the slide – the audience can do that for themselves

Use your presentation as an aide, not a teleprompter. Think about the many times a presenter has actually turned to face the screen – and turned his or her back to the audience – to read the information off the slide. Don’t do it! Create a presentation that is visually appealing and add to the value of your spoken presentation, rather than becoming a distraction for your audience.