Promises, promises

Respect is the cornerstone of REAL Communications. When you show respect, the empathy, attention, and listening follow naturally.

How do you show respect? And, as many people ask, how do you earn respect?

One very effective way of showing – and earning – respect – is to be consistent and honest in your message. If you make a promise, be sure you can make good on that promise before verbalizing it to others. Is it a reasonable promise? Are you telling someone you can or will do something that you actually have the ability to do?

When you are inconsistent with your message or make overblown statements that are clearly not within the realm of possibility, you are not showing respect to others and you are definitely not earning their respect for you.

Entrepreneurs are often advised that, when someone asks if you can do something, say yes and figure out how to do it later. While that may help initially gain someone’s business, as soon as they realize you can’t keep your promise, they will feel disrespected and they will lose their respect for you.

Show respect by keeping your message consistent. Earn respect by keeping it real.


Words have power. Choose yours wisely. If you need help, let me know.


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