The toothpaste story

Words are like toothpaste. Once out, they can never be squeezed back into the tube.

That’s actually pretty much the whole story. Watch your words. Once they’re out, they’re out forever.

Even if you think you’ve deleted them off social media, someone still has them, still remembers them.

Even when you realize you’ve said the wrong thing and apologize, the sting is still there.

Wouldn’t it be better to carefully consider your words before you let them out? Before you put them in a post, an email, or a text? Before you say something you will almost immediately regret?

These are crazy times. Words are out there that are harmful, hurtful, and should never have been let out of the tube.

We can each, individually, make a difference even now. Let’s focus on creating more positive times, with more positive words, more carefully considered words.

Look at the tube before squeezing it. Use the toothpaste – your words – for good.


Words have power. Choose yours wisely.

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