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More on nouns that became verbs

Language is a funny thing. English, especially, can be very difficult to learn. And then it all changes!

Words that we were certain were nouns, or things that are– message, text, calendar, dialogue–have morphed into verbs, or things that do.

As in … I’ll calendar a date to dialogue with you on that topic. I’ll message or text you with more details. Of course, we may need to table it unless you’re ready to action the ideas. If needed, we can workshop it more.

It’s been pointed out before that our language has to evolve to survive. Given our quickly changing world, it seems to be evolving at an even faster pace these days.

Technology has brought us words that our grandparents would never have anticipated but that are now commonplace. When we need to research a topic now, we tend to Google it. When we want to connect with someone else that we may or may not know, we like to friend them to learn more about them.

Do you heart the changing use of these words? If so, you may be a fan of verbification, which actually dates back to the 1870s. When you start using nouns as verbs, you are verbing. Yes, that’s a real word now, too.

What will incentivize your use of these changing words? Let’s Zoom and conversate about it.

What are some of your favorite verbifications? Inbox me your list.


Are your words working for you?

Let me know!


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