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Staffing Companies

Group of young executives having a work meeting

Serving both employers and potential employees can make the job of employment agencies a complex one.

One potential way for staffing companies to set themselves apart and provide added service to both employment seekers and employers is by providing training to their clients seeking job placement. With our experience in communication training, WordsWorking? can assist job seekers with training for a variety of working environments.

From intergenerational communication to emails and professional correspondences, WordsWorking can help applicants new to the work force, transitioning from one job sector to another, or those returning to work after long absences refine and improve their communication skills, in order to make them a more desirable and employable applicant.

Teamwork of business peopleIncreased training on a topic as universal as communication can prove beneficial to the applicants
receiving the training, as well as the companies who hire them, knowing they can rely on their new hires to possess these skills.

To learn more about the training sessions WordsWorking can provide to and through staffing agencies please contact us by email at?, through ourcontact form, or by phone at?919-306-4242.