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Senior Living Facilities

Happy Granddaughter And Grandmother With Laptop On Porch

It?s a well-known fact that as we age, we witness changes in communication, which can lead to the increased likelihood for miscommunication among different generations. One area in which this can be especially common and frustrating is in Senior Living Facilities.

With residents of one generation and employees and volunteers of multiple younger generations, there are many opportunities for miscommunications to occur, with uncomfortable or even unsafe results.

The goal of every senior living community is to make sure that their residents are comfortable and happy, and chances for this can be increased by providing employees of all generations with communication training to help them better understand the residents they care for.

The?WordsWorking?team has spent years studying the nuances of intergenerational communication and is dedicated to helping members of different ages and generations communicate with each other effectively and more easily.

Managers and Directors of senior living facilities who feel that their employee base could benefit from training in communication are encouraged to reach out to WordsWorking to arrange these services or learn more about them. WordsWorking can be reached by phone at?919-306-4242, email?,?or fill out our online form to the right.