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Reconnect with Your Human Customers

Your customers want to be heard. They want you and your team members to listen to them, to respond to them, and to communicate with them as humans. In an increasingly digital age, we often forget that our customers are all humans. Even B2B organizations must connect with a human along the way to make things happen and to make that client happy.

Connecting with customers is essential for any business. Human communication can transform an unhappy client into a satisfied customer ready to send referral business your way! Whether in retail, fast food, service, or an online business, your customers want to be heard.

In this workshop, we will focus on ways to reconnect with your customers on a human level.

Topics for discussion and activities:

  • How to reconnect in an overly connected world
  • The importance of PATY – please and thank you
  • Inspiring team members to take the time to connect with customers as humans
  • The true costs of miscommunication and lack of communication in a business
  • Words of positive reinforcement, encouragement, and engagement to motivate your team and your customers.

Reconnect with Your Customers will give you the tools you need so you and your team can communicate more effectively with your customers.