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Professionalism in Social Media

Why do you need to worry about content for your business? Ironically, in today’s virtual world, the written word has become even more important. Social media and blog posts are inexpensive, effective ways to reach potential clients and to encourage current clients to refer you to others.

Social media and blog posts reflect your business. Poorly written content and/or content that has not been proofread will backfire. Posts that are hastily written without thought as to their impact on the reader will most definitely negatively impact you and your business.

You want to project a professional image, so your written content must also be professionally presented.

Topics for discussion and interactive activities include:

  • Unprofessional social media posts – what they look like and how can they can affect your business.
  • Commenting on other’s social media posts:
    • Content is not just about your original posts.
    • Make an effort every day to post constructive or helpful comments on others’ posts as well.
    • Keep your responses positive and encouraging.
    • Don’t just like and leave.
  • The essence of blog posts and how they can promote your business:
    • Posts should be informative, not salesy, and brief.
    • Start with an outline or a list of key points you want to make, before writing.
    • Proofread before posting!
  • Main points to keep in mind when writing and posting:
    • Take your time, think about what you are writing, and proofread always.
    • Remember there is a human on the other end of every single post!