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PATY for Customer Retention

Customer communication is at the heart of business success. Have you ever had an encounter with a  customer service rep  who is not listening or even blatantly rude? Is your team treating your customers like that? Or does your team take the time to think about the human on the other end, listen carefully to their situation, and then thank them for their business?

Please and thank you —  they do go a long way, when they are actually used! They have magical powers. They can make customers happy, convince customers you honestly appreciate their business, and can bring those customers back for more.

Manners are still important. Customers and team members will remember you when you use them and when you don’t!

Please and thank you form the basis of solid, positive, and memorable customer communications.

Customer communications:

  • Convey the message to your customers that you value their business.
  • Leave a lasting impression for good or for bad.
  • Can dissuade a potentially negative situation.
  • Can exacerbate an already negative situation.
  • Are expected to be positive and productive by every single one of your customers.

In this workshop, we will discuss positive and negative customer communications, words and tone of voice that can influence the customer’s experience, and the impact customer communications can have on your business. Team members will participate in activities that reflect real-life customer interactions.