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No Texting At The Table

104255826_scaled_224x177How?many times have?we set that rule at home, so that our family can focus on each other at the dinner table?

Shouldn’t the same rule apply around the conference table,?to encourage your staff –?of all generations?– to focus on the people in the room and the message being conveyed there?

Are your meetings productive or a waste of time? Do you struggle to capture and keep everyone?s attention??Are they more interested in their electronic devices than in the conversation in the room??Do you have communication issues in your business or organization?

No texting at the table . . .

is an off-site, mini-retreat designed to?help your employees reconnect by (temporarily) disconnecting. Participants will store their electronic devices at the door, retrieving them only during class breaks,?and interact on a personal level with the real people?in the room.

We will work on verbal and written communication skills, to give your staff renewed focus on improving communications in your workplace.

Topics include generational communications, giving and receiving feedback, customer communications, writing emails, effective meetings, the language of leadership versus management, and any other communication topics you feel your staff needs.

We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about our communication and writing services to see how they can best benefit your business. Please call?919-306-4242?or email us at?