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WordsWorking 2.0


Friday, September 25, 7:30am-9amcofounders

CoFounders Lab, 122 E. Chatham Street, 3rd floor, Cary

Join us for a celebration, networking, and refreshments!

  • Learn more about WordsWorking and the many ways we can help make sure your words are working for you and your business
  • Meet new contacts from a variety of business areas
  • Enjoy early morning refreshments, including coffee and breakfast items
  • Stay for a workshop

Introducing: WordsWorking Workshops

9:00-9:30am ? Why does the new generation gap matter?

Join us for a brief discussion, focused on the generational issues in the workplace:

  • Learn why people are talking about Millennials and this new, fifth generation
  • Understand how the new generation gap will impact your business or your career
  • Gain insight into the different generations and their communication preferences