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Language of Leadership

While ?manager? isn?t necessarily a negative word, there are some significant differences between being a manager and being a leader. Managers should be leaders, but leaders aren?t always managers. Leaders are more focused on developing people, coaching them and giving them credit for their work, while managers quite often have to focus on systems and structure with an eye on the bottom line.

There are also significant differences in the language used by leaders and managers.

Team members in any position can be leaders, through their actions and their words. We will focus on their words in this workshop.

Leadership words:

  • We (instead of I)
  • Let?s (instead of I will)
  • Empower
  • Initiative
  • Innovation
  • Success
  • Words of positive reinforcement, encouragement, and engagement.

Interactive exercises will include working on the ?hard? conversation, providing feedback, and communicating with other members of the team.